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We are a Laser Engraving business established in 2015 and based in Busselton, WA.

Our goal is to become the preferred supplier of Trophies, Awards and Laser Engraving Services in the South West of WA.

We have invested in the highest quality, Austrian built, laser engraving equipment to produce quality products and outcomes for our customers.

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About Us

 15 Beaufort Crescent, Busselton: 08 9754 4647                           |                        SERVING THE SOUTH WEST                     |                         Business  Hours Mon-Fri 9-5pm



The versatility of laser engravers means we can produce trophy plates and signs from specially made materials which offer a highly detailed and contrasting finish.  Compare the laser engraved trophy plate below with the rotary engraved trophy plate.  The difference in finish is clear!


Laser engraving  involves the use of a laser to engrave a surface instead of the traditionally used stylus to produce a cleaner and clearer result. Because the trophy or award is not touched when imprinting, the results are smoother with a superior finish and we can engrave on a wider range of surfaces, such as iPads, Laptops and mobile phones.


Laser engravers can be used on a vast array of materials, including glass, wood, metal, granite, brick and many more type of materials.  Laser engraving is the most sophisticated means of personalising awards and trophies.


Our laser engraving system allows very precise strokes and adds some very fine detail with hard-to-work-with materials.  Using a laser engraving system to engrave materials such as glass, wood, metal trophies opens a new range of exquisite-looking awards and gifts. 

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